Philip Johnston | Director of Photography
"Very few have the passion and experiance"
Philip Johnston DoP
Philip has been filming since the age of 12 and has a passion for his job so much so he produces a blog for other video professionals called HD Warrior.
From films like the "Spirit of Edradour" to the NHS, Philip has a vast 25 years professional experience under his belt.
A few reasons why we are one of the best in the UK
  • 25 years in the professional video industry
  • Using my skills to teach fellow professionals
  • Many facets from medical to health and safety videos
  • We mainly work in the UK
  • We own all our own equipment
  • Dedication to our clients 100% satisfaction
  • You can phone us 7 days a week from 8am till 7pm
  • Media consultancy service

Professional Photography

Philip is an accomplished photographer producing A0 safety posters for the likes of Barrs soft drinks. Another part of our service is to take behind the scenes photography in case you need it for your news letters or company magazine.
​Make up time at the filmset at Edradour...with the singer Tina Cousins and makup artist Sam Curley